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MONDAY – FRIDAY 2 P.M – 9 P.M 5 P.M – 9 P.M
SATURDAY 3:30 P.M – 7 P.M 5 P.M – 7:00 P.M


The College Library (Central Library, Seminar Library, Staff Room Library, Geography Depart¬ mental Library, UGC book bank) has a total collection of about 27,000 books on different topics in various subjects and a good number of reference books. Apart from large number of text books, reference books, the library subscribes to different types of journals and magazines. Books related to different competitive examinations like CAT, Bank P.O., WBCS , and Civil Services etc. are available for consultation only in the reading room of the g library. The Librarian and the library staff always extend helping hands to the students to facilitate their easy access to library. The students enjoy the facility of reading at the central library reading hall. Books are issued on presentation of the student’s library card. Every student of Honours Course is allowed to borrow two books from the central library and one book from the seminar library. Every student of General Course gets two books from the central library. Books are issued for home reading for one month. The library maintains Catalogue Cards for easy access to the required books. It offers current Awareness Services through Library Notice Board. New books are positioned at the display unit to motivate the students for further reading.


  • Library Fee Rs.40.00 for regular students.
  • Library Special Card-After filling up university forms for final examination, Special Library Cards are issued to the students. They can borrow book still university examinations. Defaulters shall have to pay a fine of Rs.1.00 per day till the date of return of the books.
  • For loss of Library Lending or Reference Card Rs.10.00 per card.
  • For failure to return Library Book by due date Rs.1.00 per day for each day of default